Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Beast from the East

February and March have been marred by huge snowfalls . Snow lying for days, roads getting blacked is not something that were used to in Glasgow. Though it did make life more interesting . I managed to write a few poems inspired by the snow. A wee one here for you.


And still it snows
Gently fall the snowflakes
Stars of  crystalline perfection
Earth yielding to soft abundance
Enveloped in an cocooning white silence.

I finished reading Arundati Roy's new book, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness. Mixed feelings about the book. The story of Aftab/Anjum, the transgender woman is done beautifully but this book has rather a lot of Roy's political polemic in it,  and it has taken the charm out of the story line.

The poetry class is good and we are moving onto looking at foreign poems, after indulging in classical poets.
Looking forward to Spring.

Sunday, 11 February 2018


A cold start to the year. We've had more snowy days this year than the last few. But Glasgow's cultural scene is so rich it warms one up. I did manage to go to a couple of the Creative Conversations at Glasgow University. Inspiring to hear  authors like Anne Donovan, Dame Denise Mina and I hope to go to a few more if I can.

I am attending a poetry class this year, 'An Approach to Poetry' at Glasgow University. Excellent way to keep the brain ticking and learn so much more.

As for cultural events there is no dearth of it in Glasgow. From Celtic Connections, to Film Festivals followed hot on its heels by Aye Write in March.

Roll on Spring! 

2017- No entries?

Nothing happened in 2017? I can't believe that! Just completely got out of the rhythm of writing a blog.
Well, 2017 was good. I attended a class at Glasgow University entitled 'Who? How? Why? Fiction, crime and readers.' A great class and we analysed classic crime fiction from Carver, Highsmith to K. Atkinson and Mankell.  I also went to various lit events. My own was at the Milngavie week in June when I chaired a meeting with super authors Magi Gibson, Lesley McDowell, Ann Mc Laren and Finola Scott. Looking forward to the next one this year.

Got some poems published in magazines. So not entirely unproductive. I was again shortlisted for the pitch perfect  tweets organised by XPONORTH and went to Inverness. What a beautiful city! A great experience to meet Jenny Brown,  other agents and  publishers from Scotland. Not surprised to hear how tough the publishing world is. There were some great pitches at the event, but no one got a publishing deal this year as far as I know. The last year winners were for non-fiction books.

In autumn we had a wonderful holiday in DC and later in November- December we were in India.
Unfortunately the year ended rather terribly. House burgled, some health issues in the family and I really did wish the year away.

Keeping the blog brief and interesting would be better in 2018. Can't miss a whole year out again.

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