Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Met a writerly lot at Tattie Mac's for lunch.Enjoyable as one friend remarked that she had read my book straightaway as she could not put it down. More comments and feedback from March 5th launch.See the feeback form from David. (My Bolding)

Author Visit Feedback Form
(Please leave on the library counter)

Name of author: Leela Soma, Thursday 5th March, Milngavie Library.

In order for us to ensure that our programme of author visits meets your requirements, it would help us if you could take some time to fill in this feedback form.
Please delete as applicable.

Are you a member of the library?
Member 67%
Not a member 33%
Not answered 0

How would you describe the presentation by the author?
Very good 83%
Good 17%
Adequate 0
Poor 0
Very Poor 0

Would you describe the event as enjoyable?
Yes 100%
No. 0

If no, why not?

Have you read any books by this author prior to this event?
Yes 22%
No 78%

Will you read books by this author in future?
Yes 100%
No 0
Audiobook required. 0

Would you like East Dunbartonshire Libraries to organise more author visits?
Yes 94%
No. 0
Maybe 6%

If yes, what kind of books are you interested in?
Children’s books
Crime and other novels
A vast varied selection
Novels - fiction
Varies taste
Current affairs

If no, why not?

When would be the most convenient time for you to attend an event of this kind?
Morning 5.5%
Afternoon 61%
Evening 33%
Any time. 0.5%

Other Comments

Very enjoyable.
This was my first time in this library and at an author’s speaking event, but will not be my last.
Leela Soma brings a new kind of reality into our lives.
A most enjoyable launch
Any chance of e-mailing info of future events? (e-mail address attached).
Excellent – will definitely read this author in future.
Well-presented and enjoyable
Interesting and enjoyable

Thank you for completing this feedback form

My local bookshop has been so supportive, they have a table at the front door displaying Scottish fiction, and have put mine for display.They had one copy only and it sold out the next day.Iam thrilled with the positive reception for my debut novel.

I have also been trying Allan Mayer's tips on marketing. He and Wally have been a great support and encourage me with their emails.

The sun is shining too what more could one ask for?

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