Saturday, 30 May 2009

Golden Glasgow

Glasgow's shimmering in the sunshine. Soaring temperatures are so rare in May that all of us are out in the garden and getting our dose of vitamin D. My bloomin little garden and the wood behind.

My novel 'Twice Born' received a good review and interview from a Suzan Abrams. Great for a new writer to get reviewed by someone you don't know at all.

Glasgow is buzzing with writer events this June. Looking forward to AL Kennedy's stand up comedy tonite for the Scottish Writers Centre.

Learnt that my city of birth Madras now Chennai has a book club with a membership of over 300! That's amazing, the Indian readership market is booming and the big boys in publishing are all vying for attention there.

Back to the gym after a 5 week break. If I return in a fit state will continue the blog!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Back Home

Back home after a wonderful family break. Borders book launch next Thursday.Looking forward to the launch and hope to get good questions from people attending. Borders Glasgow is in a beautiful building in the heart of city, well worth seeing it and perusing the fantastic collection of books. Tempting with their 3 for 2 offers like all big bookstores.'Evening Times' the local evening paper did a small feature on my Borders book launch when I was in USA. A kind friend has kept a copy for me.Wonder how the feature is as I'm still to see it?

Also could not resist a look at Amazon 'Youwriteon' best sellers. I was really and pleased to see that 'Twice Born' is 11th out of their three hundred odd publications.

Another exciting news is receiving a letter from Penguin India informing me that I've been chosen to participate in a Penguin India Classic initaitive. I have been asked to review 'Thirukural' an ancient Tamil book of poetry and blog on their site.I am thrilled, honored and hope I can live upto the task.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Here I'm in the land of the free etc and getting fatter by the minute.Love the food, huge portions, can't resist the sweets, chocs and icecream. I can understand the obesity problem here.First time in Upstate New York. The campus of my daughter's uni is incredible.The facilities for student, the huge libraries, the computers, the sporting facilities, the student union and the fact that huge car parks are overflowing and that they need a park and ride for students is totally amazing. The space for everything is fantastic.
Now for the downside, the day I arrived there was a shooting in downtown. The public transport system is disgraceful and quite scary as few people use it. Had to hire a car. Funny driving on the 'wrong' side of the road. I am fine as long as there are cars in front of me then I get a bit confused and panicky.Okay now after a few days driving here.Must upload photos when I get back. I'll miss the sunshine definetly and the diversity as people from allover the world at this campus city.Off to an art show.

Thursday, 7 May 2009


I am here in the capital city of Ottawa for a family holiday. The weather was sunny to start with but has deteriorated to grey and rainy this morning. I managed to get a couple of events at the Ottawa Writer's Festival which was celebrating its 10th anniversary, much smaller venue than 'oor ain Aye Write' at the Mitchell.
Tulips bulbs sent over from the Netherlands to commemorate the special friendship forged during the Second World War between Canada and The Netherlands has been been a tradition since 1951.This is still celebrated with the wonderful Tulip Festival in May every year in Ottawa.We tried different world foods in the International Pavilion after a super walk along the Rideau River and the display in Commisionaire's Park.Enjoying a lovely break in North America.
As soon as I get back home to Glasgow I need to get organised for the book launch at Borders on June the 4th.

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