Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Back Home

Back home after a wonderful family break. Borders book launch next Thursday.Looking forward to the launch and hope to get good questions from people attending. Borders Glasgow is in a beautiful building in the heart of city, well worth seeing it and perusing the fantastic collection of books. Tempting with their 3 for 2 offers like all big bookstores.'Evening Times' the local evening paper did a small feature on my Borders book launch when I was in USA. A kind friend has kept a copy for me.Wonder how the feature is as I'm still to see it?

Also could not resist a look at Amazon 'Youwriteon' best sellers. I was really and pleased to see that 'Twice Born' is 11th out of their three hundred odd publications.

Another exciting news is receiving a letter from Penguin India informing me that I've been chosen to participate in a Penguin India Classic initaitive. I have been asked to review 'Thirukural' an ancient Tamil book of poetry and blog on their site.I am thrilled, honored and hope I can live upto the task.


Suzan Abrams said...

Hello Leela,

Personally, I think that your vibrance as a writer, is infectious.
You have done well to invest in the areas of author awareness and publicity and this probably leads you to the inviting events that keep you happily surprised.
For instance, I would not have known of you or Twice Born if I hadn't read your quip on a wall post in a Facebook site belonging to the Asia House Festival.
I ordered your title from Waterstone's Dublin soon after and YouWriteOn.com was prompt with its London delivery, in just a week.

Would love to read more blog postings when you can manage them.


Leela Soma said...

Thanks for the comment and for your superb review of 'Twice Born' on your blog.I 'll certainly keep writing my blog as it is great way of keeping a journal of my activities.
Are you on Facebook?

SharonM said...

Great to see things are moving along nicely, Leela - hope next Thursday is a sell-out.

Suzan Abrams said...

Hi again Leela,

Am a bit slow with the questions. If can't manage them today, will send on tomorrow (Friday) at the latest.
No, not yet on Facebook.

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