Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Back Home

Back home after a wonderful family break. Borders book launch next Thursday.Looking forward to the launch and hope to get good questions from people attending. Borders Glasgow is in a beautiful building in the heart of city, well worth seeing it and perusing the fantastic collection of books. Tempting with their 3 for 2 offers like all big bookstores.'Evening Times' the local evening paper did a small feature on my Borders book launch when I was in USA. A kind friend has kept a copy for me.Wonder how the feature is as I'm still to see it?

Also could not resist a look at Amazon 'Youwriteon' best sellers. I was really and pleased to see that 'Twice Born' is 11th out of their three hundred odd publications.

Another exciting news is receiving a letter from Penguin India informing me that I've been chosen to participate in a Penguin India Classic initaitive. I have been asked to review 'Thirukural' an ancient Tamil book of poetry and blog on their site.I am thrilled, honored and hope I can live upto the task.

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