Friday, 26 November 2010


November is almost over and I have been so remiss with my blog. So the new resolution even before the New Year ones begin is to write at least a weekly one. Now that is in black and white I must keep it up. Even a brief weekly update would be a good start.
Well, the exciting news is the Diwali event at my local Milngavie Bookshop.A full meal and more than just a book reading to give people a flavour of a Diwali evening is the general idea. The owner is going out of the way to make her 'World in Books' series a real eye-opener to the local community. She has already hosted a Scottish one in January, an Irish book day, an American one in July, a French one if I remember right and now the Indian one on Dec 2nd.I will be posting some pics of the event.
With my daughter's help I also started the Glasgow Lit Corner Blog and it is time consuming but wonderful to see so many are on board. It is so useful to know the events taking place just for the written word and in Glasgow. It would have been too onerous a task to cover other parts of Scotland. If you have an upcoming event in Glasgow do add it to the blog.

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