Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Book Cover

Here at last.

Dahlia Publishing
Paperback published
14 November 2011, £12.99
ISBN 978-0-9566967-1-7

Coming Soon

Dahlia Publishing is pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of their first novel. Glasgow based writer and poet Leela Soma whose novel, Bombay Baby was thrust from the slush pile for its heart warming, coming of age novel with heaps of spice.

Read the novel set in Bombay and Glasgow.

A tale of identity, of motherhood, sibling rivalry and family secrets.

Available soon on:

And in major bookstores.


Lotus Reads said...

Looking good the cover art.... a silhouette walking towards the Gateway of India is a great image!!! I look forward to your book!!!

Leela Soma said...

Thank you Angie for your sweet comment. I'm feeling better just seeing your words (this cold is annoying me!) Need friends like you to warm me up.

Alison Hughes said...

Really looking forward to reading it Leela. The cover is very striking.

Leela Soma said...

Thank you Alison. It is support from readers like you that is really important to me!

Frances Macarthur said...

At last, Leela Soma's second novel. I really enjoyed Twice Born and am looking forward to Bombay Baby.

Leela Soma said...

Thanks Frances, that's kind of you.

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