Friday, 2 December 2011


A really sweet IT/Marketing friend sent me these pics on how to market BB! I had to put it on the blog as it is such a daft idea! Maybe a BOGOF at book launches of such items and merchandising will be the future for new writers. Lol!

After the launch of 'Bombay Baby' at CCA I've had a couple of readers commenting that they have read the book and loved it. So if anyone has read 'Bombay Baby' please post your comments here or on Amazon. I have been told that comments on Amazon makes a lot of difference. There is still some controversy about who actually writes these comments and that some commentators are actually paid to do so. I know from my first book 'Twice Born' that all the six people who did comment did it of their own volition and I am grateful that they took the trouble to do so. Your comments on my work would be welcome for me as a new writer. Any feedback from a reader makes it so much more worthwhile as one plods through the long and lonely days at the computer.

Lots of readers sent me emails about my first book commenting on how much they loved it. Two or three did some reviews on it. A friend did a great blog on 'Twice Born' and people commented on the blog. All comments encourages me to do better and continue with my passion for writing the next novel. So roll on with the comments please. Thank you.

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