Saturday, 17 March 2012


There are lots of blogs about book publishing in the doldrums, the death of books and the rise and rise of ebooks. There is no doubt that the industry has been slow to meet these challenges. What is surprising is that while big publishers are able to get their books on Amazon and sell at heavily discounted prices the smaller ones are struggling to do the same. The tight budgets that we are all facing makes it harder to sell books.

What is the realistic price of a paperback novel by a debut novelist? I would say not more than a tenner. The ebook should be even more competitive. I've seen fantastic writers like prize winner Catherine Czerkawska even offering her ebooks free for a limited period online. This is the way to take on the big publishers and make sure newer writers make some headway in this fiercely competitive world. More novels and writers will be able to get their work to more readers in this way. Both books and ebooks should be well produced and priced to suit the pockets of readers in these difficult times.

What do you think?

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