Sunday, 11 November 2012


November is the tail end of the year and yet so many things are happening. Nanowrimo - a scary 50,000 words or a novel in a month has now become a mandatory prod for some procrastinating writers like me. But, and there is always a but, so many festivities to lighten the gloom of the short days of winter distracts me from writing, well that's my excuse! Guy Fawkes Night, Diwali, Thanks Giving  and Christmas shopping makes this a bright and happy time.

The photo is of the restaurant November(apt, don't you think?) in Princes Square in Buchanan Street. Prince's Square is a lovely little cluster of shops that is worth a look during the Christmas season. No bookshops in there, but are there many around? Amazon has enticed the book buying public by their online offers that are hard to resist.

 I have just finished reading the quaintly titled 'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen'. It is  political satire at its best. Yes, it is an old book and it took me four years after getting a copy to read it. A kind friend has given me a copy of 'Swimming Home' by Deborah Levy and as it is only 160 pages long and has been shortlisted in the Man Booker prize and loved by my friend, I'll be reading that next.

The South Asian Festival in London was celebrated in style. My publisher launched an anthology of new Asian Writing 'Five Degrees'. I hope to read the short stories in it soon and find some superb new Asian writers. Do check out my 'Bombay Baby' Page on Facebook to read about this anthology launch.

Some Radio ramblings- arachnid is not the same as spiders, the Upanishads, an 8 year old who lived opposite Hitler's flat in Munich, John Humpreys of Today programme going for the jugular of BBC CEO Entwhistle, the Archers, music while browsing FB- these are the joys of listening to the radio, something that gives me as much pleasure as reading and writing.

Remember  a copy of  my own novels, 'Bombay Baby' or 'Twice Born' would be a great Christmas or Diwali present.

Now for an offer you can't refuse. If you are a Prime account holder with Amazon , you can get the Kindle edition of my book 'Bombay Baby' ABSOLUTELY FREE. HERE'S THE LINK. HAPPY DOWLOADING:

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