Saturday, 30 August 2014


Started with a rather nice reading on the 10th of August
with the SWC writers hosted by  Appletree  Writers as part of the #edfest Fringe programmes. It was just off the Royal Mile in Jackson Close,  a beautiful building that was used for alternate therapies. A warm, cozy and  beautiful room filled with interested people. Rob Burdock a kind friend from Twitter took some photos and here is one!

The month got better when I was invited to be on a panel for the Referendum debate on BBC's Asian Network Radio programme at the Edinburgh Pottenrow. I met Fred Mc Caulay and Susan Calman whose programmes I listen to often. Great comedians. The debate was superb with Nihal the chair very ably keeping us all calm and the debate was intelligent
and done with passion.

I attended a rather nice Indian cultural programme in Lanarkshire with classical Indian dance by a doctor and her young daughter who is doing her A levels. A very enjoyable evening indeed. 

On 20th August GWL hosted a wonderful afternoon with Palestinian poet Maya Abul al Hayyat and Abla Oudeh and poet Makar Christine de Luca and chaired by poet Magi Gibson.

The next afternoon I was at a friend's 70th birthday lunch at Citation which was most enjoyable.

On the following Sunday 24th August, with an Indian group, we headed out to Edinburgh for a bit of culture at the National Museum followed by a lunch and a wee shopping trip at the Livingstone Outlet mall. Got myself a pair of comfy shoes.

This month is ending with a rather spiritual puja in Stirling for Lord Ganesha, the elephant headed god who is supposed to remove all obstacles. Well, I hope he will help me get my poetry collection out soon!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

July 2014

July started with a bang with A free ticket to Kevin Bridges comedy show at the Theatre Royal. Friend Alison was kind enough to let me join her in the fun show on the Commonwealth and the Referendum. They were filmed in front of a live audience so it was super to see one of the shows, the Commonwealth one edited and on the TV. He's a brilliant young comedian and I really enjoyed the show despite being bothered with awful hay fever.

Paid my membership to the SWC, was lax in doing it on time, sorry folks in the SWC admin! Oh, and the gym membership has also been renewed, though I do feel guilty using it so little.

Lovely to see that my poem 'Pearl' set in Ansthruther has been added on to the Poetry map of Scotland , a wonderful new project by Stanza.  Here's a link to the map:

Had a lovely meal with a Sri Lankan friend Rani at the new South Indian restaurant in Hope Street 'Rishis'.  Good quality food but needs a bit of TLC with the decor and on customer treatment etiquette.

Glasgow was buzzing with the Commonwealth Games and had to go along to Milngavie town centre to see the Baton arriving here.

My regular meeting with my KSS friends at Dobbies went ahead. It is so good to meet up with ex colleagues, now good friends and see how their lives are filled with family events,and trips abroad.

We had a lovely trip to Oslo, my first visit to a Scandinavian country. Stunning scenery all around, it was heightened by the fact that my nephew's flat had views of the Fjord. I also loved the 80 degree hot sunshine. The best thing was my hay fever subsided. Yay!

Not great news on the health front had to have two blood test, feeling quite lethargic and little energy to do anything worthwhile. Looking forward to August and the EBIF!

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